Professional Audio Systems

It is our mission to serve all of the technology needs of the customer. This includes providing design and integration of professional-class audio systems for integrated public announcement services, presentation halls, auditoriums  with the focus on pragmatic reliability using best of class audio equipment,with a focus on 24-bit, 96kHz sample rate,  digital audio systems that consider:

  • Yamaha Digital Mixers including full-utilization of the digital features that digital systems can provide.– from the high-end 02R96VCM 24 channel mixer, through the 01V96i 16 channel mixers, down to the eight-channel N8 mixer with the experience to cascade multiple mixers across optical bridges to create 36 channel, 48 channel and even larger audio mixing desks.
  • Shure Wireless Microphone Systems, starting with the high-end, highly fault-tolerant, UHF-R series through mid-cost ULX-P series and ULX-D series, down to the economical BLX series — ensuring a match for the right system for1)  the tranmission range boundaries, 2)  for future expansion capability, 3) for interoperability and synergy with existing systems, and 4) adherence to the available budget.
  • Wired microphones for permanant rigid, maintenance free operations.
  • Speaker selection to match the venue including the house mains, floor monitors, console monitors, subwoofers, etc.
  • Microphone selction for the venue from full omindirectional needs for choral pickup to cardiod and supercardiod microphones for singers and lecturers all with the emphasis on high quality sound with zero feedback.
  • Telecoil amplifiers and loops to ensure the hearing impaired, too, can enjoy the show, presentation, or whatever audio content is available all adhering to ISO calibration
  • 70V speaker systems
  • Amplifier selection
  • Integrated auto-recording design

.. all with an emphasis on, whenever possible and pragmatic to do so,  maximizing the benefits and reliablity of modern wireless gear to keep installation costs as low as possible while ensuring a system with the minimum complexity for ease of operation.

We are here to help you spend your money wisely. Getting the right equipment for the job is paramount. No more; no less.